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  • ACT OF HYBRIS [2010]


(Žiga Birsa)

I'll pull your soul down
I'll show you the ground

Slide from heaven now – to live in painful embrace
fear will devastate all sense – you'll lose everything

Find calm place now
make weak flesh grow
Dark shade – blind eyes
Dry land – your cries

Aaaaaaa ...

Only this time
you have one life -
one solution
Use it wisely (now)

In silence – heart will uncover the truth - so listen – closer
And sun light, shows only right way to go, you will find safe home

Uncover your eyes
Don't be in disguise

Drops of blood just dried away, like they weren't there
Put the seeds in the ground and wait for something to learn

Slide from torchure you have made, and break down the wall
NOW - free from the insane world, welcome back home

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