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  • ACT OF HYBRIS [2010]


(»rt Birsa)

One life is like a candle in the sky
Each creates its own destiny
Sometimes the way is brown
But itís too young and it doesnít deserve to die

Brown, itís like a black cloud in the sky
Brown, it makes you look like shit
Brown, itís a big mistake
Brown, it makes you die

Cause it makes me feel
And I decide what I take
Iíve found out that Iíve done a big mistake
I really flew, but it was a fake now I realize
My life had turned into a misery
There is no way until Iím clean

I canít stand it, I am shaking,
I will fall asleep forever
(I) Beg you, hold me, touch me, hug me,
Feel me, love me, help me, save me

Please stand by me
Iím sure I canít make it alone I am down on my
Knees (I) canít stand anymore
Now I know the reason is brown

(I) Beg you Ė donít ask
Hold me - donít want to
Touch me Ė never
Hug me
Feel me Ė never
Love me Ė I hate you
Help me Ė no way
Save me

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