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  • ACT OF HYBRIS [2010]


(Žiga Birsa)

Fighting; through life; for some; difference
Sinking; into; endless; deep sea

Child is; waiting; growing; dreaming
Playing; games of; disbe-; -lieving
Aaaaaa ...

Force of life within you leads the way
Now you are here enduring all the pain
So when you're angry starving in the dark
We are with you, but you just seem so far
So now it's time to change

Believe in your own wisdom
It heals you and brings freedom
Don't be so slow in action
Don't hesitate to question
Be peaceful and courageous
Be humble and contagious
Life is a fact of pleasure
Your question has an answer
Aaaaaa ...

Morning; sunrise; kills all; black flies
Now it's; time to; drop all; true lies
Fly now, take off, fly now, time is -> now ...

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