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14. 6. 2006, 14:21
In the second half of july DVD of Ionosfera is about to be released.

3. 6. 2006, 03:30
On the last concert we won three prizes. First was by the way in games with no border, cause we were waiting for soundcheck because of technical problems. Second prize got our stilyst, cause computer picked up her telephone number for the prize and for the end - we won the competition among 4 other bands, who played on the concert.

29. 5. 2006, 21:17
By clicking on the AUDIO link, you can find 4 new recordings.
In near future, we will put 3 more songs on our page.

2. 5. 2006, 23:48
Project is a mixture of our music and modern dance. Some of our choreographies were made by dancer's feelings to our music and were designed by them selves. Others were made by Goga Štefanovič Erjavec, leader of Plesni forum Celje.
Project is being shaped with breathing of Plesni forum's dancers and band Aperion. Just a few months of work has been poured into
a united dance-music experimental show. It represents perfect interaction between dance and striking music, at the moments with a lot of happening, sometimes hard to follow. In photogallery you may find photos of rehersal and first performance. All there is to know may be discovered at premiere and/or first repeat the day after in Plesni forum Celje.

1. 5. 2006, 20:07
VIDEO - NEW on our site
From now on, you can also watch some videos from our concerts and TV.

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