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»IONOSFERA« or IONOSPHERE is an interactive project of APERION group and contemporary dance dancers from PLESNI FORUM CELJE, that has been created as a result of many months of music-dance research.
Foundation of dance creation has this time been represented by original music of Aperion band. Live performance, bundled with active musician participation on stage with dancers, raises the experimental show on scenely remarkable, attractive and declared event.

The show is named by one of the Aperion songs – Ion, which in Greek means wandering, and resembles the smallest chemical component, that has, because of electron annexing, positive or negative charge. Whereas ionosphere is type of highly lying layer of atmosphere, which enables reflection of radio waves on different layers and reception of them on great distances.

Collaboration of musicians and dancers of modern dance presents real »chemical reaction«, by which "highly lying layers of interractial creational feelings" could be achieved.

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